About pigeonwhisperer


Stop Pigeons LV maintains old fashioned customer support & appreciation more than many top pigeon control companies in the Las Vegas Valley. We strongly disagree that $400 minimum orders are a fair business practice. That is no way to treat a customer for their quick response taking action on a minor pigeon problem, we enjoy saving the early responders! We also disagree that hourly rates are better than flat rates.


Stop PigeonsYou may be wondering, “So what is the difference between pigeon control, and pigeon removal?” I’ve heard the difference is similar to getting a traffic ticket versus being arrested. Pigeon control includes efforts to modify pigeon behavior while pigeon removal is the act of removing problem pigeons entirely. Also, there are many companies out there    that give inaccurate information to potential customer’s for the sole purpose of inflating prices, like some mechanics do.


Stop Pigeons Las VegasHaving pigeons on your property is no minor thing. Pigeons can cause damage to your roof and other property that can end up costing thousands of dollars to fix. The most effective way is to get rid of   pigeons using our humane methods of pigeon removal. With StopPigeonsLV you can be sure you are in the right hands.